Revolutionizing The World Of Generators

Revolutionizing The World Of Generators

The Electronic Generators as we see them today aren’t what their inventors, Michael Faraday and Joseph Henry pictured them as. These generators, which have a thousand more features than the first electromagnetic generator, are a result of the evolution of generators over these decades.

The principle of Faraday Law states that an electromotive force is generated in an electrical conductor, which surrounds a varying magnetic flux. Based on this law, Faraday also built the first electromagnetic generator – the Faraday disk.

By Mid 1800s, engines run on gasoline and kerosene were brought into use, which was easy to use and one of the first to be used for commercial purposes. But, it was not until the 1870s that Thomas Edison brought DC generators in use. By 1887, Nikola Tesla brought the AC generators in function, revolutionizing the generator industry.

By the early 1900s, Siemens, Kohler, General Electric, and other popular companies were designing and manufacturing generators.

Different generators are used at different places for different purposes like in hospitals, farms, business areas, schools etc.

But why do we need generators anyway? What is their purpose of invention? We, at PrakashGensets, will answer it for you.


Generators have become a necessity in today’s time when power cuts are intolerable and create panic.

This marvellous invention will prevent you from any hassles.

Here, we’ll talk about why should you have a generator for your business or home or other places.

  • Generators automatically disconnect your house from the utility line of your building, which helps in the prevention of power surges or blowouts.
  • You can also continue using your electrical appliances at home or at work even if the utility line fails to supply power.
  • In times of emergencies like power cuts or low water supplies, generators ensure you have adequate in store for such times by storing when needed.
  • Portable generators help you carry your essentials to places that weren’t possible before. Imagine carrying your fridge to your vacation. It’s all been made possible due to these generators.
  • Providing convenience in times of blackout, generators ensure you stay peacefully with your family inside your homes.

Installing a generator for residential or commercial purposes is only a win-win situation as it is a 100% return on your investment. It only enhances your business’s viability and lets you nurture your productivity due to no loss of power or time.

The same is the case with using them anywhere- they will always revolutionize the way you think about electricity generation and power supply.

To know more about which generator suits your needs the best, Contact Us.

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