TMT Steel Rebar



Standard Grade Remark Yield Strength (N/mm2) min        UTS (N/mm2) min % Elongation      min-max
IS:1786-2008 Fe415 450 540         18-22
IS:1786-2008 Fe500 530 610         16-21
IS:1786-2008 Fe550 580 640         16-20
IS:1786-2008 Fe415 530 610         17-22
IS:1786-2008 Fe415 450 540 18-22
Random Test Result Sample

Size (mm) Lot no Chemical properties (in decimal) Physical Properties
C Mn P S Si Ni Cr Cu CE Proof stress N/mm2 Tensile stress N/mm2 Elongation Bend Test Rebend Test
   16 101 17 80 05 05 25 25 50 41 30 580 690 21 OK OK

Tmt Steel Rebars Trimula Super Strength Corrosion Resistant Rebars- SSCRS

A product that is specially designed for coastal belt application

Super Strength Corrosion-Resistant Steel Rebars from the house of Prakash ferrous Industries is a special product designed for the areas with higher environmental moisture with salts. Low carbon content & a minimum yield of 530 Mpa characterizes this product, available in sizes from 8 to 40 mm in any length up to 30 meters.

Trimula SSCRS Rebars contain the special composition of chemical elements like Phosphorous, Copper, Cromium & Nickle to make the bars resistant to corrosion.

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