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Advantages of Going Solar with Prakash Group

Solar energy is increasingly becoming a reasonable and reliable source of power for home, office and industry owners across the country. The march to solar is chiefly attributed to the well-documented benefits of solar over the conventional sources of power, which with a right solar partner and solar company are truly realizable. Some of these benefits of solar are as below:

1. Increased savings by up to 80% on your monthly electricity bills – As going solar reduces your consumption of electricity from the grid by generating your power from the sun.

2. Accelerated Depreciation for businesses – As solar systems are an asset for businesses, and so the principles of Accelerated Depreciation apply.

3. An invaluable contribution towards the environment – As solar systems leads to zero emissions, unlike the traditional thermal power plants.

Why Prakash Group is the right solar company for you? The 6 Advantages of going solar with us

At Prakash Group, we have a strong customer-centric culture. We understand and appreciate the choice to travel solar of each of our clients alike. Each project for us is an opportunity to implement the benefits of solar to a new rooftop and we take it up with the same zeal and enthusiasm. This inspires us to not just offer all the services related to your system including financing less than one umbrella but also help you make informed purchase decisions in a way that you would enjoy the maximum benefits of solar.

1. Advanced Site Assessment to maximize your Solar Potential

We recognize that each rooftop is unique and no glove solution fits all requirements. Therefore, our highly skilled engineers with hundreds of combined years of experience in the domain, custom design each of our solar systems for optimum power generation. An Advanced Site Assessment using the most modern tools that allow us for accurate rooftop perimeters, shadow analysis, and other custom requirements, therefore is a must. These advanced in-house developed tools help us conduct an in-depth analysis of your site and propose a tailor-made solar solution as per your unique power requirement. This also helps us offer you the foremost accurately projected savings while facilitating your solar journey.

2. World-Class Engineering Team

A neat system that matches the profile of your rooftop is imperative for reaping consistent savings from solar. At the heart of it all, Prakash Group is built with a core team of expert solar engineers, with over 100 man-hours of experience in designing and installing large scale solar projects across the globe. With a solar system designed by such experienced hands, you are sure to get the maximum possible savings from your solar system.

3. Expert Team of Solar Advisers to Help You Go Solar

Understanding the technicalities and procedures of adopting solar energy could seem a touch overwhelming to start with. To help you make an informed choice and make your solar journey convenient, Prakash Group’s dedicated Solar Advisers are available to offer you a resolution to all your technical and non-technical solar queries. Being just one call away on 0562-4004004 these highly trained and expert solar advisers will help you make a sound decision at every step of your solar journey. If there is anything that is holding you back from enjoying the benefits of going solar, our team will do everything in their power to ensure the best possible resolution is presented. Our team of Solar Advisers also will assist you to choose the simplest possible components for your system from an inventory of a spread of brands available within the market.

4. Variety of Investment Options to Fit Solar in Your Budget

When making a big purchase, it is very normal to look for lucrative financing options. Just like you would go for an Auto Loan or a Home Loan, Prakash Group with its in-house Financing offerings makes your decision to go solar simpler and more affordable. With our tie-ups with top tier Financial Institutions and quick turnaround time with minimum paperwork, you will never cite the economics of a decision as a reason to not opt for solar. We have Solar Financing Options, designed exclusively for both Residential and Commercial & Industrial customers. The diverse payment options make solar a highly affordable technology for power consumers across categories.

5. A Promise of 45-Year Solar Support

Every Prakash Group installed solar energy system comes with a 45-year support promise. With a wide network of maintenance staff backed by advanced technologies such as remote monitoring, Prakash Group fulfills the solar support promise. We believe when you go solar with Prakash Group, you are welcomed in the family of solar enthusiasts.

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