ELECTRICAL VEHICLES: Charging by Generators at Remote Locations

ELECTRICAL VEHICLES: Charging by Generators at Remote Locations

The increasing rate of population in the country has increased the number of vehicles on the road leading to an increasing percentage of pollution. It has become difficult for humankind to strive in such a contagious environment. Air pollution is one of the burning global issues which is taking the deaths of many. According to the World Health Organization, about 4.2 Million deaths take place due to ambient air pollution. Indoor and Outdoor pollution both have become responsible for such a high count of deaths globally.

Air Pollution from Vehicles

We all are aware that what air pollution is and what are its harmful effects. The reasons behind air pollution are also well known to us, still, the amount of air pollution is on its steep. A certain percentage of air pollution reduced during months of Lockdown in the country but as soon as the phase of unlocking began then things got back to previous situations.

Air pollution

Vehicles and air pollution are correlated with each other. Vehicles are said to be one of the most common causes of air pollution. The ever-increasing number of vehicles on the road is posing a threat to the environment, thereby causing air pollution. Transportation is a major source of air pollution across the globe.

Electrical Vehicles: Solution to curb air pollution

The heavy-duty vehicles like cars, buses, trucks have been the major contributor to increasing air pollution. To curb or reduce air pollution globally it is important that these heavy-duty vehicles are being replaced with electrical vehicles across the globe. The use of electrical vehicles will not only save the environment but will also be a helping hand in saving human mankind. The use of electric vehicles will push down the level of air pollution as well as will contribute to increasing the GDP of the country.


Advantages of Electrical Vehicles in India

A developing country like India is highly affected due to air pollution. It is not only the vehicles that contribute here to air pollution but other works like industries, construction works are also major reasons behind air pollution in the country. To reduce air pollution in the country, one of the best steps that can be taken is to bring electrical vehicles in the market.

Some of the advantages of using Electrical Vehicles are as follows:

  • Less Pollution: The use of electrical vehicles will reduce air pollution. An electrical vehicle has zero exhaust emissions, therefore when you are opting for an electrical vehicle you are contributing to protecting the environment.
  • Cheap to Maintain: Though an electrical vehicle is expensive to buy it cheap to maintain. An electrical vehicle has less moving parts as compared to diesel, petrol cars, therefore these electrical vehicles do not require much services or maintenance. Therefore, these electrical vehicles are cheap to maintain.
  • Cheap to run: Electrical vehicles run by electrical energy. An electrical vehicle needs to be charged to make it operate. These electrical vehicles have low running costs.
  • No license and registration needed: The government of India recently passed a regulation that one does not need any license or registration to run an electrical vehicle in the country. This regulation is super beneficial for youngsters as they can use automobiles even at a younger age.
  • Convenient charging facility: One of the best advantages that electric vehicles provide to its customers is a convenient charging facility. Electrical vehicles can be charged at home which reduces the need of an individual to wait in long queues at charging stations as we do in recent times waiting at petrol/diesel pumps to get fuel done in our vehicles.


Electrical vehicles are to be electrically charged to make them operate. Electrical vehicles charging stations must be set in good numbers in the country where electrical vehicles are being used. In-country, like India setting up electrical vehicles charging stations at every corner or in close regions is a tough task to do as it requires much investment and infrastructure. Therefore, an optimum solution to charge electrical vehicles is to charge them at home overnight.

Charging of an electric vehicle requires AC and DC. AC is converted into DC while charging the electrical vehicle. The charging speed of an electric vehicle depends upon the output power of the ChargePoint.

You would have probably heard of charging electrical vehicles using charging stations but to set up charging stations, huge funds are required which makes it practically impossible to set these stations in remote locations. So, therefore, the solution to this problem is to charge electric vehicles using AC power generated through generators. Sounds Interesting!! Yes, it is possible to consume AC supply current from generators.

Generators can be sued to charge these electrical vehicles bypassing their AC Current. Prakash generators are a good source for the same. Prakash generators are efficient enough in supplying AC electrical power which can be used in the remote location to charge these electrical vehicles at a lower cost and in a much efficient manner. Prakash Generators meet the requirements of various sectors for power generation, hence they can be used for charging electrical vehicles at remote locations.

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