Role of Diesel Generators in the Healthcare Industry

Role of Diesel Generators in the Healthcare Industry

Hospitals are the life-line of this planet. They are living systems both at the time of crisis as well as times of general health care needs. These lifelines must be in work 24*7 without any disturbance. Any minute disturbance or small issue can cause major destruction not only to the hospital but to many families too who were relying on the services of that hospital.

If something disastrous such as power failure happens then it would cease the working of the life support system thus ceasing the lives of many. Therefore it is equally important to maintain a strong backup system to keep these hospitals and our healthcare industry operating 365 days and 24*7. To sustain human life, healthcare tools must keep on working and it is when the need for generators arises. When the power goes off the first thing that comes into mind is that to run generators to get electricity at the earliest. Every complex like Cinema halls, malls, residential building, they keep a backup system of generators to get electricity supply in case of power cuts.

Healthcare Industry

We cannot estimate that how big the healthcare industry is. The healthcare industry is so diverse that it becomes practically impossible to address the different sectors in the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry is one of the fastest-growing industries amongst all the industries. The healthcare industry comprises the companies that offer clinical services, manufacture drugs, and medical equipment, and provide healthcare services. The Healthcare industry is one such industry that has a direct effect on the quality of life of people across the world.

Importance of Diesel generators in the healthcare industry


Whether be an earthquake or a storm everyone expects the healthcare industry to be in a life of action to provide medical care services to the population. The delivery of medical care services does not only depend on the trained professionals but also the set up of the medical tools and equipment as well as their work.

A power backup system in form of generators is very important in hospitals and various other medical health care places like testing laboratories. Two types of generators are installed in the hospitals, to keep the hospitals in operation when the power failure happens. These two generators are completely different from each other. One generator is run by natural gas and the second generator is operated by the diesel fuel combustion engine.

Generators run through natural gas:

One of the generators that are installed in the hospitals is run by natural gas. Though this type of generator is environment friendly the maintenance cost of the same is very high. Also, this type of generator requires refilling of the fuel. Generator run though the natural gas falls to be more expensive for the hospitals.

Generators run through diesel fuel:

One of the generators that are installed in the hospitals is run by diesel fuel. A full tank of diesel can maintain the power of an entire hospital for about 8 hours. Depending upon the size of the hospital and the number of machines installed the amount of fuel is stored in the generators.

It is very important to keep generators backup in the hospitals because the power outages are often unexpected and unpredictable and the risk of people who need regular medical care services. Prakash generators manufacture both types of diesel as well as eco-friendly gensets which can be used in the healthcare industry i.e. hospitals as power backup systems.

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