Industrial Generator Industry: The challenges faced pre and post Covid-19

Industrial Generator Industry: The challenges faced pre and post Covid-19

The Industrial Generator sector has always been much unfortunate. The rise of this sector has faced stagnant and slow growth. With the introduction of cheaper sources of electricity generation, the industrial generator market is facing a downtrend. There are many challenges which the industrial generator sector is constantly facing. The Covid-19 has added to these challenges to a greater rate.


All you need to know about an Industrial Generator?

An industrial generator is used widely in various processes of an industry. Industrial generators are used in electricity generation, manufacturing, and whatnot. An industrial generator may be of different types and kinds but the structure is more or less the same as all the types of generators. An industrial generator uses mechanical energy to produce electrical energy through wiring.

Internal parts of an Industrial Generator

An industrial generator is composed of 7 internal core parts. These core parts make up an industrial generator and bring it into operation. The 7 internal parts of an Industrial generator are as follows:

  1. Engine: The work of an engine is that it inputs mechanical energy by running on various fuel types like diesel, propane, natural gas. The use of different fuels acts as a base of differentiation between different industrial generators.
  2. Alternator: the alternator helps in electricity production i.e. it helps in supplying mechanical energy. Its magnetic components work together with other components which in turn produce electricity. It displays movement between the magnetic and electric fields.
  3. Fuel system: The fuel system is quite a complex system, it converts the inclusion of fuel into the basic functioning of the industrial generator. The fuel injector helps in maintaining the flow at the very end of the generator.
  4. Voltage Regulator: A voltage regulator is responsible for sparking a larger voltage across a stator where the electrical conductors are bound into thick rolls. It supplies a certain voltage of electricity to the industrial generator which helps them to continue with their work.
  5. Cooling and exhaust: The cooling system is used to exhaust the excess heat produced during the process of electricity generation. The excess heat is waved using a cooling system. It removes the heat from the engine and disposes of it in the surrounding area.
  6. Lubrication: Lubrication is used to provide oiling to the parts of an engine to keep them working without any stoppages or roughness.
  7. Battery: Battery is used to supply float voltage to the engine and make it work.

Diesel Generators

Challenges faced by Industrial Generator Industry Pre-COVID 19

COVID -19 has completely changed the working and progress of many industries. It has changed the global markets, some sectors have flourished high while others have come down at a higher speed. In situations of COVID-19, the industrial generator industry has suffered greatly because of the reduced consumption of electricity at big complexes. However, it is not only the COVID-19 that has impacted the industrial generator Industry many other challenges were largely faced by this industry PRE-COVID 19. Some of the challenges faced by the Industrial Generator Industry are as follows:

  • Introduction of Solar Power: Introduction of solar power imposes a severe challenge to the industrial generator industry as many big complexes are now setting up solar power for electricity rather than using generators for electricity generation and consumption.
  • Costly investment: The manufacturing of generators or setting up of the generator industry involves huge investment. A lot of investments in land, machines are to be made to bring them into operational form.
  • Regulatory compliance: This industry has been caught into regulatory compliance as the cost they have to pay for environmental usage, resource usage, labour, and other regulations are too high. The regulatory compliance eats up much of the operating margins of the investor, thus leading to a challenge to the industrial generator industry.

Challenges faced by Industrial Generator Industry Post-COVID 19

COVID-19 has imposed a severe challenge to various businesses all across the globe. Many businesses have been completely uprooted and have vanished whereas many businesses have witnessed a higher growth in the market. Some of the challenges faced by the Industrial Generator Industry are as follows:

  • Reduced Demand: the biggest challenge faced by the Industrial generator industry due to COVID-19 is the reduced demand for electricity. Due to a decrease in work from offices, temporary closure of big corporate offices, cinema halls, malls,etc. the electricity demand has reduced due to which the demand for these generators has lowered down and so does the industries are on the verge of closure down.
  • Closure of many manufacturing firms: Many manufacturing firms such as the shoe industry, the glass industry have come down to closure as a result of which the need for generators in these industries has lowered down.

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