Prakash : The Power of Farming

Prakash : The Power of Farming

Prakash: The Power of Farming

For farmers in many parts of the world, irrigation is a vitally important consideration and the availability of adequate water is critical to the success of a growing season. Irrigation systems need to be reliable, which means they need a steady, constant source of electric power.

Electricity generator sets from ‘Prakash Group of Industries’ have been supplied around the world for the last 59 years with over 800,000 units installed globally since 1960,  most of which are for farming applications. The Prakash Group of Industries dealer in India have configured a power package which is tailored to power lateral irrigators, providing more of what farmers need, and less of what they don’t.

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With many of these generator sets running almost continuously for up to 3,000 hours per season, reliability is key for cropping and dairy farmers whose livelihoods depend on reliable electric power from these machines. This starts with the engine of the generator set: because of the high start-up loads, and relatively low running demand that typify lateral irrigators, engine longevity is assured by the addition of timer-controlled load banks which are introduced into the electrical load after a fully programmable delay period from the start-up of the generator set.

The overall package comes complete with durable and robust weather-resistant acoustic enclosures made from galvanized steel for high corrosion resistance and a rugged and reliable engine.

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