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Important factors to consider when buying Standby Generators for home

It’s no exaggeration to say that Generators have streamlined the everyday functions of all sectors: be it industries or household. The constant power supply has become a reality, thanks to the generators that have made things easy for us by providing uninterrupted power and backing up our electricity needs.

When buying anything for your house, you compare various varieties by different brands to be fully satisfied before making a decision. The same notion is followed when buying a Generator for your house. A buying decision should always be backed by well-conducted research.

We have listed a few factors that should be considered before you buy a Generator set for your household needs:

  • Location of the Generator

Keep in mind the place where you will keep your generator before you buy it. Some generators are suitable for small yards, some require more space. Choose a place far away from your doors, windows and vents.

Also, compare the functionalities of the generator and compare them with the place you live at to ensure it serves all your purposes of buying it.


  • Fuel type and capacity

Home Standby generators, though, are powered by two sources – LP Gas (Propane) or Natural Gas, but some generators are powered by Diesel.

It is imperative to choose a fuel type that is easily available to you, or even better if it is the one used at your home.

Full-load and Half-load fuel consumption also make a significant difference.

  • Usage and power consumption

How much appliances you use and how many kilowatts of power you consume also affect your decision. Whether you need to run heavy appliances or just a few low consumption appliances will decide the size and capacity of your generator.

  • Maintenance and repair

Be aware of your generator’s maintenance requirements and all the parts that need timely surveillance in order to take proper care of it for its sustainability. Be aware of the costs that you’ll have to incur for its servicing. If unused for three months, its maintenance can become costly.

  • Service and Warranty

Not just sales but pre and post-sales services are equally important. Choose to buy from the one who assures you proper warranty of your generator and post-sales surveillance of your machine. Your generator should work smoothly without your constant attention post-sales.

During the trial period, learn about your generator from the salesman so that you can get some hands-on knowledge of its functions.

At PrakashGensets, Our experts will advise you on the type of generator that will be suitable for you and the size, location and other factors will also be kept in mind to choose the best fit for your house.

We assure quality pre-sales and post-sales services for all our clients to give them a worthy experience for their investment and the relation they form with us.

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