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Busting the myths about Industrial Generators

Industrial Generators are vital for all industrial operations owing to their capacity to provide constant power backup if there is a grid failure.

Industrial Generators are manufactured with a strict design pattern and high manufacturing quality.

They are used in industries for the following purposes:

  • They maximize the efficiency of energy.
  • There is continuity in operations and work doesn’t come to a halt.
  • Important events like school functions, corporate ceremonies etc. are conducted uninterruptedly.
  • Big industries ensure safety of their staff as well as their assets.

However, there are a few myths about the Industrial Generators that should be debunked to aware more people about their utility.  We, at PrakashGensets, have busted those myths for you:

  • Myth 1: Generators don’t need maintenance

Like any machinery, generators too need a regular check to ensure their health condition and smooth working.

Start with an inspection around your generator to ensure there is no unnecessary debris kept around it. Check the oil pipes, gaskets, joints and other parts of the generator. The next step is to check the fuel valve. Gasoline degrades with time, and so fuel maintenance is crucial. Check for any leaks or if the water is being drained from the tank periodically or not.

Check the batteries of your generator. Weak batteries are a major reason behind standby power failures. Batteries degrade with time and should be changed frequently.

Lastly, ensure that your generator’s cooling system is working efficiently and the coolant is filled with the coolant mixture to the required level.


  • Myth 2: Size of the Generator doesn’t matter

A generator’s efficiency depends upon its size. Larger the generator, larger will be its scope of performance. What size of generator do you need depends upon your requirements as per your place of work/ your industry in kilowatts. Equipment that uses motors or compressors will need larger gensets.

  • Myth 3: The location of where you install your generator doesn’t matter

While installing your generator, look for the following requirements:

– The place should be easily accessible for repairs and maintenance.

– It should be at a place high enough to protect the generator from water.

– The place should be near transfer switch and fuel supply.

– When installing indoors, factors like ventilation and proximity to flammable materials should be noticed.

  • Myth 4: All generator fuel types work the same

Your fuel choice might depend on some factors like the location where you operate. In colder areas, gasoline fuel might not work fine but diesel fuel would be appropriate, as it will not freeze. It also depends upon the availability of the particular fuel in your area. Price of the fuel also matters, though it’s unlikely to be suggested to use cheaper fuel just to save a few pennies.

  • Myth 5: It is necessary to switch on all appliances during an outage

Depending upon your industry, you might decide if you wish to keep all your appliances switched on or if you wish to keep a few running. Restaurants wish to keep their refrigerators running. Commercial stores wish to keep their cash counters running. This implies that it is not necessary to switch on all your appliances but a few must be switched on during an outage.

Prakash Group of Industries takes care of its customers and keeps them away from all the false information leading them in the wrong direction. We fortify your believes in Industrial Generators and make your lives easier by providing you the right generator for the right place.

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