Beware of the 5 Myths about Engine

Beware of the 5 Myths about Engine

Danger! Yeah, you read it right, your automobile is in peril. Why? Because you believe on some dodgy rumours about the engine. Rumours are always dangerous and when it comes to your engine it can be proven as a killer. Before you dive into perilous incidents of your life bust some of the life-taking myths about your engine.

Gentlemen, start your engine with fuel and prayer, it is the matter of your beloved’s life. Let not myths ruin your blissful life.

“All the tools and engines on earth are only extensions of man’s limb and senses”.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ralph Waldo Emerson an American poet puts forward this quote on engine and tool and described them as the extended limbs of men.

Consider over the fact, if you lose your limb or hand, would you be able to live your life trouble-free? Of course not, and this holds very true that after an accident life falls completely flat. Before you put your life at stake, make a glance over the following myths that might save your life.

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Myth no. 1: Warm your engine before you drive.

If you aren’t from Pennsylvania you would not understand the pain behind the brutal drive in the winter morning, when the idle engine gets iced. Well, this is a real-life and not the “Jack Torrance Froze In The Snow” kind of show where you can fire up the engine and come out with a pre-toasted car.

One of the biggest engine myth the world is complying with that engine needs to be warmed up a little before you start driving.

Really? Lest not you empty your fuel tank only to get the engine warmed up. Studies have proved that idling vehicle in order to warm up for an hour can result in wasting one gallon of diesel fuel. So, if you do this, you are going to spend comparatively more time at pumps than on roads.

“The Department Of Energy” as well as most manufacturers suggest that you need to idle your engine more and more for 30 seconds. This way, the engine will warm-up faster due to less idling, your fuel costs also reduce. Therefore, warming the engine is superfluous. Save your time and go for a long drive before the sunsets.

Myth no. 2: Gasoline engine is a better option than a diesel engine.

It is agreeable that gasoline is cheaper as compared to diesel but note down that this is only applicable for Chicago-land. In the rest of the world, diesel is absolutely cheaper than gasoline.

Okay, the myth that says that diesel engine is good only for towing holds true but only in past, the modern diesel engine totally falsify this statement. According to Nitro-Nine, Volkswagen is accomplished in producing fuel-efficient diesel engines that provide more than 40mpg as well as 30mpg on road, which is why there are many diesel engine automobile on road.

One of the major benefits, diesel engine owners experience is its longevity over a gasoline engine. Consumer rarely experiences failures and get diesel engine economical on their pocket than gasoline.

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Myth no. 3: Continuous cooling your diesel engine is needles

So, you are the believer of this myth, okay, then you must have made up your mind to blow up your engine. Well, good, do explode your engine and take a selfie with it and post it on social media with a caption “adventure with my engine”, this would definitely overpower the social media but in a negative manner.

Drivers who expect a long life from diesel engines will respect the fact that continuous water cooling is as necessary as you need water to survive, the creation of heat transfer into the engine oil, requires additional cooling, due to water cooling the need to idle-down the engine decreases.

Myth no. 4: Synthetic oil for your engine is the worst option.

You must have come across the talks that synthetic oil will erode the engine seals and cause leaks. This was true at a time in the early ages when synthetics oil were made differently and their esters were very tough on neoprene seals and due to this it causes leaks. But if you have a marginal seal, then modern synthetic oils can be proved friendly to seals and synthetic oils won’t leak.

Another rumour on the street, you have come upon that it is impossible for you to switch back to conventional mineral oil once you used synthetic oil and vice versa, which is completely fabricated. Both synthetic and conventional oils are compatible with the engine and thus there is no harm to switch between them, that are highly-performing and economically-priced engine oil.

There is no suffering in switching brands as well. It is okay if you switch between types of engine oil for your engine, what really matters is to choose which manufacturer standards meet the requirements of your automobile such as viscosity grade and type.

Myth No. 5: Diesel engine is the only source of air pollution.

Stop! For God sake, read this statement of Mike Haws before you curse diesel engine for polluting the environment. According to him, “ Today’s diesel engine is the cleanest ever, and the culmination of billions of pounds of investment by manufacturers to improve air quality…The allegations against diesel cars made in recent months threaten to misguide policy making and undermine public confidence in diesel. It’s time to put the record straight”.

The sale of diesel engines has raised much than before, but many consumers still have faith in that outdated belief that diesel engine is the root cause for emission of a large amount of smoke. You need to bust this myth from your mind right now.

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