Diesel Generator Maintenance Tips for Improving the Performance
Diesel Generator Maintenance

Diesel Generator Maintenance Tips for Improving the Performance

A diesel generator is a portable and emergency energy source, It mostly helps when you have no source of energy or when your electricity supply is unexpectedly closed and you need a very high-level of electricity supply. At such times a diesel generator act as a best friend. But a machine is a machine, it needs to be examined. A machine can work 24/7 but they also need some maintenance so that they can work for a long time.

Here are some tips for diesel generator maintenance that can help to increase Diesel Generator life.

 Lubrication Service

When shutting down a Diesel Generator you need to check engine oil using the dipstick and follow the Prakash Generator Experts recommendations for API oil classification and oil viscosity. Oil levels should be kept to full mark on the dipstick by adding the same quality and brand of oil.

The filter and oil must be changed from time to time. Check with Prakash Group Experts for

Procedures of draining the oil and replacing the oil filter and their disposal which is to be done Appropriately to avoid environmental damage or liability.

Cooling System

A Diesel Generator’s Cooling System is the most important part for maintenance when shutting down a diesel generator one needs to check its coolant level.

For the cooling process of the generator remove the radiator cap, check the exterior of the radiator for obstructions and remove all dirt and particulate matter with a brush or cloth with caution and avoid damaging the fins. If possible, use low-pressure compressed air or a stream of water in the opposite direction of airflow to clean the radiator.

Fuel System

Fuel is the food for Generator, so in order to maintain the longevity of generator fuel system should be managed in a proper way. If the generator fuel is not used and replaced for a long time then it needs to be tested and polished.

Prakash 15W40 Engine Oil
Prakash 15W40 Engine Oil

Preventive maintenance should include regular general inspection of your diesel generator. The charge-air cooler piping and hoses should be inspected regularly for leaks, holes, cracks, dirt, and debris that may be blocking the fins or loose connections.

Testing Batteries

Did you know why your standby power system is a failure? The most common reason for this is weak or undercharged starting batteries. To know about the battery status and avoid generator problems daily inspection and maintenance is a must. Cleanliness, specific gravity and electrolyte levels of the battery should also be checked frequently.

Keep your Diesel Generator Clean

To keep the generator well maintained you need to check oil drops and other engine issues. As we all know that visual inspection can guarantee that hoses and belts are in good condition so frequent checks are so important and they also can keep wasps and other nuisances from nesting in your equipment.

Exhaust system inspection

In case there are leaks on the exhaust line that typically happens at the association points, the welds and the gaskets, they ought to be repaired at once by a professional Technician.

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