Natural Gas vs. Diesel Generators: Which Is Right For You

Natural Gas vs. Diesel Generators: Which Is Right For You

In today’s world, electricity is as basic and as necessary for survival as food, clothing, or shelter. With the increasing dependability on electricity, it is necessary to look at the generators which help at the time of power outages as we haven’t reached that state of perfection in terms of power.


Generators that use diesel to run are known as diesel generators. It is a combination of a diesel engine and an electric generator. These can be used to provide power to places that are not powered by a power grid or a backup in case of a power outage. It is also used for more complex applications such as peak-lopping and grid support.


Natural gas generators are widely used as an efficient means of generating power. It is one of the affordable fuels among non-renewable resources and is used to power both emergency and portable generators.

Now let’s discuss which type of generator is right for you on the basis of various factors.


Diesel generators are less expensive than natural gas generators. If the price is the major concern then you should go for a diesel generator. But if you are thinking for the long term, then you need to consider other factors such as fuel prices, maintenance costs, etc before choosing a suitable generator.


Natural gas, as the name suggests, is more eco-friendly as compared to diesel generators. It is one of the cleanest fossil fuels, emitting considerably low nitrogen, sulfur, and carbon dioxide. It burns more cleanly than diesel. Diesel engines have some more disadvantages like short life of engine due to wet stacking, light loads and inadequate maintenance, which is again a problem for the environment.


When compared in terms of market price, natural gas is cheaper as well as more efficient than diesel. But on the other hand, diesel generators are capable of performing for a longer duration and delivering more electrical output than natural gas generators. Hence, if your power requirement is less then you should go for natural gas but if you are seeking a generator with high output, in that case, a diesel generator would be better.


Both the generators require maintenance but diesel generators require very little as there are very few components to start and diesel models do not have spark plugs or rebuilding carburetors so you don’t have to worry about that. Moreover, diesel generators are highly flammable, so it is very important to maintain them properly to avoid fatalities such as gas leaks.


Natural gas generators are more used in urban areas as their gas is readily available through a gas pipeline. Diesel generators can be very beneficial in places like rural areas where there is no power grid and a generator is the source of power.


Natural gas is the cleanest fuel and has very less impact on the environment. It causes very little or no pollution on burning, whereas on the other hand diesel machines emit a lot of smoke which is harmful to humans as well as to the environment. So, if you’re looking for a generator to be installed in a compact or densely populated area where pollution could cause significant harm then a cleaner and greener CNG generator would be more suitable for you.


When compared on the basis of noise, Diesel generators produce more noise than natural gas. If noise is a major factor for you then natural gas would be an appropriate choice.

Choosing a suitable generator might seem difficult but if you are clear about your requirements then it is not a problem. A diesel generator is beneficial for the large manufacturing unit in remote areas as it is more durable and is capable to deliver higher electrical output. On the other hand, the natural gas generator is a better choice for small business located in an urban area where pollution and noise is the major concern.






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