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    Posted on May 22, 2017 by : prakash0

    Prakash Bio Gas Generators

      • Prakash Diesels Pvt. Ltd.

        is an exclusive leading player in manufacturing of 100% Biogas & Biomass Generators from more than 10 years.


      • PRAKASHis in irrigation & Power generation segment for last 40 years.


      • More than 2500 Biogas & Biomass Gensets running successfully in India and Abroad.


      • We are the first Indian company who introduced 100% Bio-Gas Generators in India.


      • The company has a manufacturing facility from casting to finished product including Engines, Alternators, Acoustic Enclosures & Pumpsets.


    • Group’s annual production capacity of diesel engine/ generators more than 50,000 units with daily production capacity of 150 engines and 150 AC generators.



    Biogas is one of a Green, Clean & Renewable energy produced after biodegradation of organic wastes in absence of oxygen.

    Biogas is a mixture of Most common inputs are:-

    Cattle dung, Poultry waste, Human waste (toiletry waste), Vegetable& Food waste etc.

    Prakash Bio Gas Generators

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    Posted on May 05, 2017 by : prakash0

    Prakash’ Group is renowned to provide the best products & service to their consumers, in continuation to this tradition we have launched a new series of welding sets.

    We are the pioneer industry of this segment of products. Our welding sets have excellent quality & performance. Our sets are designed for high quality precise welding jobs, it can weld all types of welding rods like alloy coated, stainless steel, non ferrous metal etc. These sets also are ‘Ultrasonic and x-ray test complied and it has excellent mechanical strength these sets are based on ‘High Frequency’. The welding current is controlled by step less device.

    Besides, the welding proficiency of these sets, they also have provision for single phase power output up to 7.5 KVA, 220 volts, for job such as grinding as well as light & fan. Both can be used at the same time.

    Our welding sets have very low fuel consumption as compared to other products in the market. Our welding sets  manufactured as per standard of IS:2635 which is self explanatory for the quality standard of such product.

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  • We are starting our Agri power sprayer

    We are starting our Agri power sprayer

    Posted on Aug 26, 2016 by : prakash0

    Power Sprayer “Prakash is a symbol of quality and perfection in field of agriculture and power generation since more than three decades. We provide reliable service to our customers in India as well as in abroad. We have strict quality control backed by efficient team work. And continuous efforts for improvement and development, has enabled us to deliver products with better fuel efficiency and outstanding performance.

    Our Products with Some Specification-:
    • Knapsack Battery Agriculture Sprayer with upto 18 litres. Its have the capacity 0.2-0.4MPa to work under pressure(as per the model specified).
    •Agriculture Knapsack Battery power Sprayer (2 in 1) with upto 18 litres tank capacity.
    • Power Agriculture Sprayer which has a speed with upto 1200rpm and give the best output upto 120liter/min.(as per the model specified).
    Knapsack Power Agriculture Sprayer which has both 2 stoke and 4 stroke and pumping is made up of Heavy Grass Pump and it has tank capacity upto 25 liters and it having easy to recoil start.

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