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Solar Power System in the Healthcare sector

Solar Power System in the Healthcare sector

Solar power or solar energy system is going to be a good source of energy; it is being used as an energy source not only at the small level but also at the government and corporate level.

A solar energy system is also a good option for healthcare organizations not only because it reduces air pollution or keeps the world clean but there are many other reasons.


Benefits of Solar Power System in Hospitals



Healthcare organization requires a lot of electric power because there is medical machinery which consumes a lot of electricity to run such as ventilators, MRI machines, and CT scanners and they require 24 * 7 power.

Most hospitals have air conditioners, lifts and a large number of lights/fans which also increases power consumption.

Therefore a health care organization needs a solar power system that will benefit them.


Reduce Power Bills

The main benefit of solar power is that it reduces electricity bills.

Once the system is operational, it will be run for at least 25 years and it will keep your electricity bills working.

Apart from this, there is no cost for its maintenance. To have 24*7 power the use of inverters and DG sets not only increases power bills but also leads to air pollution.


Enjoy Good Returns

Installing a solar power system is affordable and going solar makes complete economic sense as well. If you install a solar system you can achieve 20% ROI. Once the capital cost of installation is incurred, there is hardly any maintenance cost plus you can enjoy free electricity in the future.


Flexibility of installation

Solar power system installation is not a big task as it does not need the perfect place. It can be installed in flats, empty and expansive roofs, or it can also be installed in a ground-mounted system (if an empty land area is available).


A Good Example

Hospitals rank amongst the most visited places. People from all walks of life do visit hospitals or clinics quite frequently. Installing a solar power system at such a place sets a good example for the society at large. People would then go back home and think about installing a solar system at their residences and workplaces. Thus a small effort at your end could go a long way in reducing the overall carbon footprint of society at large.

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