Prakash Genuine Spare


Prakash Genuine Spare Parts 

Prakash Gensets & pumpsets are famous all over india for Quality, Long life, Low maintenance &  lower fuel consumption. In a Survey done by us we came to know about the problems experienced by Prakash customer due to cheaper and lower quality local spare parts being used, affecting engine life and Improper maintenance. 

 Thus to over come this problem prakash takes pride in introducing genuine prakash gensets & pumpsets spares and Oils for all our products which will be available for sales through OUT dealers and distributers. 

Advantages of Prakash genuine Spares & Oil : 

  1.  High Quality 
  2. Longer life 
  3. Sizes and Specifications According to the Company Products Design.
  4.  High Quality and Safety packing.
  5.  Prakash Genuine Spares have longer life thus resulting in lesser fuel & Replacement cost.
  6.  Prakash Genuine Oils Reduces Wear & Tear Inside the Engine increasing the Engine Life. 
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