Bio Gas Genset


Small Capacity Biogas Gensets (1.5 TO 5 KVA)

Technical Specification
Model PBG1 PBG3 PBG4
Rated Power KVA (KW) 1.5 (1.5) 3.75 (3) 5 (4)
Rated Current (Amps/Ph)@100% Load 6.20 17.40 18.50
Gas Consumption (Scum/hr)  @75% Load 0.8 2.0  2.5
Dimensions L x W x H (cm) 865 x 410 x 880 1170 x 535 x 1100 1170 x 535 x 1100
No. of cylinders   1   1   1
Bore x Stroke (mm) 80 x 80 102 x 115 114 x 115
Swept Volume (Lts.) 453.96 939.70 1173.80
Dry Weight(kgs) 145 282 295
Power at 1500 RPM (BHP) 2.5  5  7
Lub Oil Sump Capacity 1.75 3.25 3.25
Lub Oil Consumption Less than 2.0 Gm/kw-hr at 75 to 100 % of rated load
Cooling System Air Cooled / Water Cooled
Governor Mechnical

Biogas Gensets (15 TO 65 KVA)

Technical Specification
Rated Power KVA (KW)15 (12)30 (24)50 (40)62.5 (50)
Rated Current (Amps/Ph)21427087
Gas Consumption (Scum/hr) *7-914-18 23-2830-35
Dimensions L x W x H (cm)140 x 70 x 125200 x 70 x 125210 x 70 x 125227 x 70 x 125
Dry Weight(kgs)725112511901250
Engine ModelPN- 2-BGPN- 4-BGPN- 4T-BGPN- 6T-BG
Power at 1500 RPM (BHP)20426378
No. of cylinders2446
Bore x Stroke (mm)110 x 123110 x 120110 x 120110 x 120
Swept Volume (Lts.)2376456145616840
AspirationNaturalNaturalTurbo ChargedTurbo Charged
Lub Oil Sump Capacity5111215
GovernorMICO RSV Class A-2 (Mechanical/Electronic)
  • Due to continuous developments the above specification are subjected to change without prior notice.
  • For power de-ration due to changing composition of gases , altitude , temperature and inlet depration contact us.
  • Maximum Hydrogen Sulfide(H2S) not above 200PPM CO & CO2 not above 30%. minimum available methane 60% (Ratings provided at 75% methane after CO2 filteration, H2S scrubbing and dehumidification)
  • The excess presence of non combustion able gases will reduce the power rating of the engine without any predetermination.
  • Consumption at 75% average load “Tested with Gas of calorific value 5000 kCal; M under NTP

Biogas Gensets Engine

Water cooled, Spark Ignition, 4-Stroke, 1500 rpm continuous rating, heavy duty, multi-cylinder Engine. Specially designed and engineered to operate with gases obtained from bio methane plants . A specially designed automatic air and fuel controller and mixing system is provided to take care of efficient, smooth working of engine from no load to full load .These engines operates smoothly at vast combinations of bio gases at negative suction upto 80 mm of water column hence root blower is not required and gases can be feed at normal available pressure. These are inclusive of the following,

  • 12 V Starter
  • Radiator with Fan and water Pump
  • Lub Oil Filter
  • Flywheel suitable for Genset (Heavy)
  • Panel with Charging Ammeter ,Oil Pressure gauge , water temperature gauge and starting switch
  • Battery Charging Alternator
  • Air / gas mixing  system
  • Heavy Duty Air Filter
  • Industrial Silencer
Prakash highly efficient self Excited, Self Regulated, screen protected, drip proof, suitable for continuous operation ,1 or 3 Phase 230 / 415 Volts, 0.8 pf, 50 Hz, Class F insulation alternator confirming to IS:4722/IS:13364/BS:5000. Provided with IP 21 protection,10 % overloading and capability of starting the motors at 3 times the rated current of alternator.

Mounting Frame

Engine and Alternator are mounted, coupled, aligned on a common rigid base frame, having provision for antivibration mounting and holes for safely lifting of complete D. G. Set.
Control Panel 
A superior Quality control panel of suitable CRC sheet, powder coated for long life and better finish complete with followings,
  • M.C.B./ M.C.C.B.
  • Ammeter
  • Lub Oil Filter
  • Incoming / Outgoing terminals
  • Hour Meter
  • Voltmeter
  • Frequency Meter
  • Heavy Duty Air Filter
  • Phase Indicator Lamps


  1. Digester plant
  2. H2s Separator 
  3. Co2 Separator 
  4. Moisture  Separator Value