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    Biogas generators

    Prakash Diesel Pvt. Ltd is an exclusive leading player in is an exclusive leading player in manufacturing of 100% Biogas & Biomass Generators from more than 10 years. We are the first Indian company who introduced 100% Biogas Generators to support sustainability efforts and development in India. Converting biodegradable waste to energy is not only extremely cost effective but also reduces the adverse impact on our environment.

    PRAKASH is in irrigation & Power generation segment for last 40 years.

    More than 2500 highly efficient Biogas & Biomass Gensets are running successfully in India and Abroad.

    The company has a manufacturing facility from casting to finished product including Engines, Alternators, Acoustic Enclosures & Pumpsets.

    Group’s annual production capacity of diesel engine/ generators more than 50,000 units with daily production capacity of 150 engines and 150 AC generators.


    Biogas is one of a Green, Clean & Renewable energy produced after biodegradation of organic wastes in absence of oxygen.

    Biogas is a mixture of Most common inputs are:-
    Cattle dung, Poultry waste, Human waste (toiletry waste), Vegetable& Food waste etc.

    Benefits of using Biogas as a fuel:

    1. Huge economic benefits and cost savings.
    2. It is a clean and renewable source of energy
    3. Environmental friendly




Abdelmahmoud Adam says
November 10, 2018 at 7:08 am

Im looking for complete system of biogas not only generator to produce 400m3


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