Diesel Generators | Performance Monitoring & Maintenance using IoT & Analytics

In this energy-intensive world, the demand for electricity is increasing day by day. In developing countries, the uninterrupted availability of power is a challenge. In such situations, most businesses, hospitals, and other establishments need a backup power source. The most popular and the oldest power source is a Diesel Generator.

Diesel generator being critical equipment, it is very important that it must be always ready to provide the power as soon as the main supply is down. There are various parameters which are to be monitored for smooth running of backup power.

Generators are located at different customer sites or locations and it becomes difficult for the owners to monitor all the generators. But with an IoT-enabled Diesel generator, monitoring becomes very easy as the maintenance team gets 24×7 remote asset control. The main motive is not only to monitor the performance but also to execute the early diagnosis of developing problems such that it can avoid shut-down failures.

Monitoring will let the team know in advance if there are any maintenance needs, optimize site visits, monitor the running condition for billing, provide on-the-go switching access and visibility on the health parameters of the DGs across locations. The performance parameters of each generator can be individually tracked and analyzed using a single reporting system.

It will enable us to turn ‘on’ or ‘off’ generators from anywhere and we can even set a specific time to do the same. Sensors are installed to gather common generator parameters like fuel levels, battery voltage, oil pressure, engine temperature, generated output power, engine running time, generator voltage, frequency, engine RPM, etc, and send it to the IoT platform, through a gateway. Machine learning algorithms analyze that information and the final report is sent to the user via email or SMS so that rapid action could be taken. Alerts are generated whenever the sensors detect any abnormality in the generator.

If you try to use sensors everywhere, it will become very costly for you. One should choose wisely the locations where IoT solutions can make information visible and generate operational advantages like never before. That is the key to a good IoT deployment.



When we get to know all the upcoming problems in advance with the help of a monitoring system, we can solve those problems as soon as possible. Timely repairing of the device will help in increasing efficiency.


It helps you to monitor every drop of fuel that is removed from the tank. Diesel is generally stolen by filing less than claimed fuel in the tank. This helps you to detect the exact amount of diesel that is filled and this will eventually help you to prevent diesel theft.


Hourly, weekly, monthly reports on the Diesel generator set helps businesses to make informed decisions. Get fuel reports, operational hours reports, engine run hours reports, and many more to make better business decisions.


Sensors send timely automatic alert SMS and emails for servicing and maintenance. Proper and timely maintenance lowers the maintenance cost.


It helps you to know the exact load pattern. In case any DG set is underperforming, action can be taken at the right time. It gives information on total units generated on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and continuous load patterns.

In conclusion, Prakash can make information visible and generate operational advantages like never before.

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