Tmt Steel Rebars

Tmt Steel Rebars

Tmt Steel Rebars Trimula Super Strength Corrosion Resistant ReBars- SSCRS

A product that is specially designed for coastal belt application

Super Strength Corrosion-Resistant Steel ReBars from the House of Prakash ferrous Industries is a special product designed for the areas with higher environmental Moisture with salts. Low Carbon Content & a minimum yield of 530 Mpa characterizes this Product,available in sizes from 8 to 40 mm in any length up to 30 meters.

Trimula SSCRS ReBars contain the special composition of chemical elements like Phosphorous,Copper,Cromium & Nickle to make the bars resistant to corrosion.

Standard Grade Remark

Yield Strength

(N/mm2) min


(N/mm2) min

% Elongation


IS:1786-2008 Fe415 450 540         18-22
IS:1786-2008 Fe500 530 610         16-21
IS:1786-2008 Fe550 580 640         16-20
IS:1786-2008 Fe415 530 610         17-22
IS:1786-2008 Fe415 450 540 18-22
Random Test Result Sample
Size (mm) Lot no Chemical properties (in decimal) Physical Properties
C Mn P S Si Ni Cr Cu CE Proof stress N/mm2 Tensile stress N/mm2 Elongation Bend Test Rebend Test
   16 101 17 80 05 05 25 25 50 41 30 580 690 21 OK OK