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  • Solar Power: Myths debunked with Facts

    Posted on Dec 17, 2018 by : prakash0

    Myth 1: Solar Panels are loud and an unreliable source of energy

    Fact: Solar panels are completely silent and modern inverters are too quite to be heard humming. Even the humming sound completely stops at night when there is no power to convert. Solar Power is a reliable source of energy and Solar EPC installers provide warranty if there is any problem at all.

    Myth 2: Solar Panels don’t work well in cold weather

    Fact: Solar Panels work effectively if there’s sunlight in the daytime even in cold weather conditions. Solar Panels are build to work in varying temperature conditions thereby proving that cold weather is not a problem for energy generation.

    Myth 3: Solar panels are too expensive and require heavy maintenance

    Fact: Government of India’s initiative to promote Solar power in India has made Solar installations cheaper. Therefore, the benefits of installing solar panel outweigh the costs. Government subsidies and savings on electricity bill make solar installations cost effective. The payback is period is 4-5 years and after that electricity is free for lifetime.

    Myth 4: Solar panels damage roofs and make it look unattractive

    Fact:  Solar Panels are now available in various sizes and shapes. Therefore, aesthetically installing a solar power system makes your roof look attractive and there is almost no damage done to your roof. With the growing popularity of solar power, professionals can install solar panels in positions and locations to make it visually appealing.

    Myth 5: Solar panels require a tracking system to follow the angle of the sun

    Fact: Solar panels are installed in position to maximise sun exposure, meaning tracking systems are not required.

    Myth 6: Solar Power is only for environmental advocates

    Fact: Solar Power is free and is profitable to all. Both homemakers and businessmen benefit from solar energy as it involves huge savings and advantages specially in the long run.

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    • Generator

      Posted on Nov 19, 2018 by : prakash0

      Prakash Generator

      Every part of our Generator Set is manufactured in the well-equipped factories of Prakash diesel private ltd. The parts are assembled by skilled technicians before highly qualified engineers. With the use of high efficiency alternators for power generation, these Gensets have worked wonders in various sectors of Industry. Specifically, they have been a boon for farmers. Ordinary Gensets face the problem of excessive noise, but the use of canopies manufactured by ‘Prakash diesel’ absorb a large part of undesirable noise. These canopies are manufactured at our fully automatic Shearing, Bending and Powder Coating Plant.

      In the manufacturing of these canopies, sheets are cut carefully and moulded as per design requirements. Thereafter, the sheets are passed through the seven-tank treatment process also known as phosphating. A special coloured powder coating is done to prevent oxidisation, as per requirement. The components are then assembled to make the Acoustically Insulating Enclosures or canopies.


      PRAKASH DIESEL Pvt Ltd opened for business in 1990 and since then it has become one of the leading manufacturer of gensets cross the country. We provide welding sets upto 400 ampere and with an optional single phase output light upto 7.5 kva. These sets can be used to melt all kind of welding rods.

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      • Prakash Electrical Monoblock Pump

        Posted on Nov 02, 2018 by : prakash0

        Indian agriculture sector accounts for 18 per cent of India’s GDP and provides employment to 50% of the countries’ workforce. Agriculture is the most important sector of Indian Economy. Consequently, Prakash Agricultural Industries was successfully launched in the 70s. Its products like electrical monoblock pump, diesel pump sets and the electrical mono block gave a boost to the agricultural industry. Prakash Group therefore emerged as a bright spark in the field of irrigation.

        >About the product

        Prakash electric monoblock pump, product of Prakash, is ISO 9001:2015 certified.  All parts of this product are manufactured in India by using CNC machines to ensure outstanding quality. Copper wires which are the lifeline of the electric monoblock have to qualify a series of inspections before being used, to ensure the highest quality standards. High voltage tests are also conducted under the keen observation of chemical and electrical engineers. To further improve efficiency, the pumps are fitted with one of the best brand of bearings. Moreover, a special colour coating is done to make the product long lasting and rust proof.

        Prakash’s electric mono block pumps have high efficiency and output. These powerful machines offer savings in daily operating costs and have a long life. The stringent quality standards in manufacturing, makes Prakash’s products, the farmers’ First choice.

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