About Us

Prakash Agricultural Industries is a ISO-9001-2008 certified company

The history of Prakash Agricultural Industries goes back to 1960 when Mr. Ram Prakash Garg setup shop in Agra in the name of Prakash Hardware Store

Starting as a trading concern it has since independence quickly diversified into manufacturing and marketing high quality Diesel Engine & Centrifugal
Water Pump & Pumpsets IN 1975.

Now Prakash Agricultural Industries is India’s leading ISO-9001-2008 certified company and the products are marketed under Brand Name of “PRAKASH” a name already synonymous with quality.


The products manufactured by Prakash Agricultural Industries are being exported to Bangladesh , Egypt , Iraq , Iran ,Jordan, Kenya ,Nepal, Sri Lanka , Tanzania, etc. The success of Prakash Agricultural Industries started opening up those market abroad which till now were left untapped.


Our Firm has very recently undertaken re-engineered & developed light weight version of portable power pack series with high percentage of weight reduction.

This processing effort has resulted to :-